International Conference on Creative Industries & Digital Culture

Istanbul, Turkey – April 16, 2016

Creativity . Knowledge . Innovation

Artistic and Creative Endeavours


International Conference on Creative Industries & Digital Culture – ICCIDC 2016

Strategic Research Society conferences are devoted to mutual exchanges of research results and professional opinions within the broad field of academic and research disciplines. The ICCIDC 2016 focuses on creative industries and digital culture, as well as the large spectrum of its implications within economy, management, technology, social and cultural studies, marketing, education, knowledge etc.

The aim of the ICCIDC 2016 conference is to reflect nowadays phenomena challenging the world of creative industries. Particular attention is given to digital technology and its influence on creativity, arts and media, but other relevant topics are also welcome.

You are cordially invited to attend the conference if you are willing to enhance the current body of knowledge in the field by submitting your scientific abstracts/papers, and thus contribute to its successful implementation.

Dr. Mária Tajtáková
Conference Chair
Dr. Arwa Ahmed
Advisory Committee
Prof. Dr. Ata Atun
Advisory Committee
Prof. Daniel Arias-Aranda
University of Granada, Spain - Conference Scientific Committee
Prof .Jozef Kelemen
School of Management/City university of Seattle - Conference Scientific Committee
Assoc. Prof. Jana Horáková
Masaryk University, Brno, Czech republic - Conference Scientific Committee

Authors are encouraged to submit papers in English, French, Turkish, Persian and Arabic.

Accepted Papers

The Role of Career and Technical Education: Implications for the Federal Government Pakistan
Anna Danes
The future work: Distributed teams
Mahmud Agel Abo dalbouh
Digital culture participation availabilities on maximizing the competition abilities in Jordan technology business sector
Azahar Harun, Mohamed Razeef Abd Razak, Russlan Abd Rahim
Anthropomorphism in Logo Design: How Effective It Is In Regards to Consumer’s Preference
South Africa
Dominique Porębska-Quasnik
Les acquis et les perdus dans l’enregistrement des grandes voix lyriques sur digital
David Wortley
EU CRe-AM project
Mohammad Abdullah Alodat
Surveillance and Identify Transport Vehicles School Students of through Vehicle Plate GENETIC ALGORITHM With INTUITIONISTIC FUZZY NEURAL NETWORK (GA- IFNN) TO ANALYSIS IMAGE
Fashanu Johnson
Creation and Development of Websites for Small and Medium – size Enterprises (SMEs) in Nigeria
Ernest Safari
Understanding of the contribution of information communications technology to the tourism value chain for pro-poor benefits in Rwanda
Messaoud-Boureghda Mohamed –Zine, Larbi Ali, Aksas Hamouche
Comparison of treatment methods for the assessment of environmental impacts of drilling muds by the LCA approach


Call for Abstracts / Papers is open with a deadline of March 30, 2016
March 15, 2016 – Deadline for Early Bird Registration – Extended
April 10, 2016 – Deadline for Submission of Full paper (Not applicable for Authors participating with Abstracts only)
April 16, 2016 – Conference date


The conference will focus on “Creative Industries & Digital Culture”, papers are invited to be submitted on a wide range of topics, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Creative industries, social media and convergence
  • New technologies and creative sector
  • Digital arts, culture and lifestyle
  • Social, political and community agendas in creative industries
  • Arts policy, management and advocacy
  • Visual arts practices in digital era
  • Performing arts practices in digital era: Theatre, dance, music
  • Literary arts practices
  • Media arts practices in digital era: Multimedia, digital, online and other new media
  • Immersive, experiential and interactive arts and media
  • Marketing and audience development in digital age: New tools and methods
  • Knowledge management in creative industries
  • Technologies for better education and learning within creative industries

Conference Proceedings Publishing & Indexing

All of Strategic Research Society Proceedings are peer reviewed and published online on the conference website and  are submitted to major indexing services such as:
Thomson Reuters Conference Proceedings Index, Engineering Index (Ei Compendex), and SCOPUS.

(Strategic Research Society shall do its best for the conference full papers to be submitted to major indexing services pending their approval for publication)


Context explanation – conference topic selection:

Creative industries – characterized as those areas where product or service contains a substantial element of artistic or creative endeavour (Caves, 2000) – is a relatively new aggregate established by the Department of Culture, Media nad Sport (DCMS) in UK in 1998 (Blythe, 2001). They are defined as „Advertising, Architecture, Art and Antiques Market, Crafts, Design, Designer Fashion, Film, Interactive and leisure software, Music, Performing Arts, Publishing, Television and Radio“ (DCMS, 1998). In reality, they encompass diverse sectors, however, with a common feature – the concept of creativity. In Europe, the creative industries make a significant contribution to the economy, creating about 3% of European Union GDP – corresponding to an annual market value of €500 billion – and employing about 6 million people (CEMP, 2013). Globally, UNCTAD (2010) estimates the growth in creative services at 7.5%.

Creative sector has been recognized as a tool for economic growth. Within Europe EC former president Barroso (2010) recognised the necessity to ‘move towards an economy based on creativity, knowledge and innovation’ and that ‘boosting the creative industries in Europe’s cities’ is a ‘key element of the European 2020 strategy’. Current EC president Juncker (2014) in his opening statement in the European Parliament highlighted the importance of digital technologies for Europe and the necessity of building a connected digital market. In addition, one of the EU flagship initiatives proposed by the Commission within the EU 2020 strategy is ‘A Digital Agenda for Europe’ (CAE, 2014).


ICCIDC – 2016 – accept both “Abstracts” and “Full Papers” !

The abstract should not exceed 300 words. Within one week from receiving your abstract we will let you know if your proposal is accepted. All accepted abstracts and papers are peer-reviewed and will be published in the conference proceedings on our website.

Presentation: You will have up to 15 minutes time for your presentation. It is recommended to speak no longer than 10 minutes and let at least 5 minutes for discussion. Please bring your presentation on a USB flash drive. Each presentation room will be equipped with a laptop and a screen for PowerPoint presentations. The laptop will be set up for powerpoint presentations. Transparency projectors are not provided. Assume there may not be internet access.

Click here to submit your paper online.  

Alternatively you may Scan the below code
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ICCIDC 2016 Abstract Submission


Registration Fees: (We accept all major Credit Cards)

NOTICE TO PARTICIPANTS: SRS Accepts Payment and Registration Fees only through SRS Online Payment Processing Systems. We don’t accept wire transfers or On Site payments.

Registration Category:

EARLY BIRD Main AUTHOR — 350 USD  Open Till March 15, 2016






*The first author pays full registration fees, while the second and subsequent pays a “co-author” fees. This applies only in case that two or more authors of the same paper attend the conference. Otherwise, if the first author does not attend the conference, the second author or subsequent author has to pay a full registration fees (not the co-author fees).

** No Conference Package Included.

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